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The Three C's
    President and CEO, Terry Delley has built Trinity Group on the foundation of exceptional business practices and consistent execution. The Trinity Group organization has operated exemplary businesses for 27 years, with multiple concepts, in diverse venues, on a trans-regional basis. We operate highly profitable, highly distinguished concessions in the nation’s busiest arenas.
    Trinity Group recognizes the symbiotic relationship that any surviving entity must have with its community. That said, TGI is a company of good and charitable citizens focused on maintaining solid relationships with people that result in lucrative ventures. Trinity Group stands on a foundation of strong strategic relationships and consistent execution.
    Trinity Group delivers with integrity. When we give our word, we honor our commitments, and we expect those with whom we do business to do the same. For nearly three decades, Trinity Group has been a good and charitable citizen, and we institute policies and procedures that encourage and require ethically sound behavior.

Stand For Something