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Our people make our company. We provide opportunities for our people to grow with our organization, and in turn, our people contribute to our success and growth. Our firm structure is such that when one sees an opportunity for growth, he is encouraged to pursue that opportunity. We have in place leadership and continual training programs to provide a career path for someone within our firm.

Trinity Group offers a universal benefits and bonus program. We foster continued education, and we reward those that remain active through educational and community service pursuits. Monthly bonus programs encourage productivity, and the constant and direct feedback given during these reviews insure transparency and clarity of expectations.

By instituting these programs, we have made Trinity Group a highly attractive and competitive place to work, and we develop a high caliber of people that contribute to our success. Trinity Group is always mindful that we are only as good as our people and leadership. Consequently, we have put in place systems and policies that foster success throughout our organization.

Name Position Phone
Terry Delley President & CEO 770.993.0094
Warren Delley V.P. Operations 770.993.0094
Brandon Delley V.P. Business Development 770.993.0094

A Foundation of Excellence